Colleen Marino was born in Cherry HIll, New Jersey, July 4 1986. Her father is a Podiatric Doctor and mother is a Registered Nurse. At age 2 her family moved to Richmond, Virginia. Colleen's upbringing was not one that involved exposure to art or the art world. From a very young age she began expressing herself through drawing, painting, and mixed media construction. The process of creating existed primarily as a means of self expression and exploration, it would not be until her adult years where she would professionally seek out an education in the arts. At age 10 Colleen was an exchange student in Paris, France. There she discovered Monet's garden and her passion for art. Art that had once only been seen in books at school became a physical tangible form that set her exploration into the field of art.

Colleen received her Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in Craft and Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her work has been shown in the Hawthorne Gallery and the VCU-Haul Gallery at NCECA. A main source of inspiration for Colleen have been the professional and personal relationships she has built with artists, faculty and peers at VCU. Relationships that have nurtured a sense of community and have with them built a creative vocabulary and platform from which she explores the meaning behind her mediums and her art.

Colleen's work is an investigation of the physical form juxtaposed with the concerns of media influence. Her interest is in both the physical and socially inherited that the form represent. Concern with body language, expression, opposing forms, and physical relationships. It is a means in which to capture and to uncover true beauty that exists from within, disregarding the shallow false ideals of beauty set forth by corporate and media factions. Her methodology is derived from the realization that social construct dictate the way that we perceive the human form. That these societal blocks we stand upon are primarily demeaning and self-damaging. Her pieces attempt to capture the unspoken truth of the body and of beauty, and the way that we exist in the physical world.